new performances november 12th through the 25th

Traumnovelle is a site-specific collaboration created by Anatomiae Occultii founders Adam Barruch + Chelsea Bonosky. The work was initially presented at Arts on Site’s 5th Floor apartment space on St. Marks. This new work explores the dangers in lifting the veil on our innermost desires, while following a couple in their apartment in what is perceived to be a quiet evening at home. Taking from a variety of influences: the work of writer Arthur Schnitzler, poet Rupi Kaur, director Stanley Kubrick and composers Morton Feldman and Ingenting Kollektiva, Traumnovelle utilizes Anatomiae Occultii's signature kinetic gestural language to weave an abstract narrative with a complex and emotionally charged vocabulary.

Due to overwhelming demand -- Traumnovelle is returning to the East Village with 13 performances held over three weeks November 12 - 25. This immersive experience was originally held for only 10 guests per night, and the show sold out within one week! To accommodate additional audience members, we are inviting 13 guests to attend!! Buy your tickets today!!!

Can't join us? Sponsor a NYC community artist to attend!! Sponsor tickets are $50.00

Your contribution will allow a NYC Dance Artist / Student to come to the show in your place!!!