Class Description

Laying on the floor, the technique class will begin with physical imagery exercises, based in the Alexander Technique, to awaken and organize the body, as well as to tune into the tactility of the limbs on the floor. The class will continue with dynamic flooring sequences; warming and opening the body while encouraging a sequential, joint-articulated physicality. In utilizing the floor, the dancers will explore the momentum of skeletal initiations, and an efficient muscularity of the body. An investigation of how the anatomy can either inhibit or encourage the continuity of movement will be emphasized.

The initial phrases will build to seamlessly bring the dancers into standing movements that aim to stabilize and continue the body's connection with the ground. As the warm-up progresses, the range of physical textures and coordinations explored will expand--challenging the retention of a pliant, seamless and organic flow-through in motion. All sequences will be executed on both right and left sides. Following will be traveling movement phrases exploring complex port de bras, great shifts of weight and circular patterning.


Gibney Dance CEnter / 280 Broadway